IRIX ultra-wide angle 15mm lens

IRIX    the innovative 15mm lens
for the most demanding professionals

The latest technology
tied up in a classic design

Have you ever had the dilemma of choosing between the newest technology and the most classical design? The Irix Blackstone 15mm f/2.4 prevents such an issue.

Classic design meets maximum functionality, achieving the perfect match of innovative technology. The durable aluminium and magnesium body ensures foolproof protection of your lens, even in extreme conditions. Engraved fluorescent markings enable easy operation in all lighting conditions to facilitate the perfect photo.

For a lightweight journey

The Irix Firefly 15mm f/2.4 is equiped with the same optical performance and high quality mechanism as the Blackstone, but implemented in a lightweight and handy design. Whether you sail, hike, drive or fly, the Irix Firefly will make your journey extraordinary.

The ergonomic focusing ring offers the freedom to capture the most ideal moment, whether it is big city architecture or wildlife scenery. Challenge accepted.

IRIX: well thought out to the smallest detail.

Resistant to extreme conditions

Irix lenses are made with extreme precision. Each Irix lens is equipped with a weather sealed construction that protects the interior against dust and moisture. Thanks to inner seals, our lenses are also protected from accidental water splashes.

Innovative technology tied up in a classic design

Detailed technical specifications